10 January 2010

Polish Double FAIL

When I started cooking dinner tonight, I was really excited. I have been wanting to try my hand at pierogies for over a year now. I had so many problems with them which were entirely my fault and had nothing to do with the recipe. It started with not rolling out the dough thin enough. Then, I forgot to check the directions one last time and ended up forgetting to boil the first few dumplings. They ended up in the garbage (I'm not a fan of doughy things, and these were extra doughy).

The double comes from the second part of the meal. I was trying to make up for not posting last night by giving you two recipes today (my mom and I went to see Legally Blonde the musical, which was amazing, so I wasn't home to cook). I thought for sure the cabbage kielbasa dish would make up for the yucky pierogies. I was horribly wrong. It was far too sweet and a bit soggy (that may have been my fault too so I don't know). I took two bites and ended up going out to pick up dinner instead. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be back on my game.


Megs said...

Double frustrating. Hope the takeout was delicious!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Since I don't have a clue what either pierogies or kielbasa is, your double fail is lost on me. My Susan also went to see Legally Blonde with a group of her lady friends and Smokey and I stayed home and ate hot dogs.

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

So rare for you to have a failure and when you do you get two together! Good for you (a) fessing up and (b) picking yourself up and starting all over again! Cue for a song?

Sunshine said...

Megs - I consoled myself with Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich and a frosty. It made the pain of defeat lessen.

Tulsa Gent - Pierogies are like a potato dumpling/ravioli (think mashed taters in a ravioli shell). Kielbasa is just a Polish style sausage made usually with pork, beef, and chicken (I just used the Hillshire Farms brand). Did Susan love the musical? I know I did!

Anne - Sometimes my life feels like a Disney movie, other times it's a comedy. Yesterday was a dark comedy (almost liek Shaun of the Dead, just without the zombies). What song shall we sing?