28 January 2010

Memory Card Down the Hole

UPDATE: So it's definitely not the memory card. It's my laptop. I suppose what I can do instead of getting it fixed is just use my husband's computer to upload the photos otherwise I'll be without a laptop again for who knows how long...again. At least now my hubby's got a laptop that I can borrow so I won't have to stop posting completely. I'll let you all know.

So I have no idea why my memory card has decided to take a holiday. I can view the pictures on my camera with it, but it won't read in the computer (please, God, don't let it be the laptop that is the problem once again). Needless to say the last two posts have been fairly boring without the pictures, not that my pics have ever been that great. I'm going to try the card on my hubby's netbook when I get home tonight, and if that doesn't work, I'll be purchasing a new one once the ice storm of 2010 passes through my neighborhood. If it's the laptop and not the memory card, I'll probably throw it off the balcony and just be done with it.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Your posts are never boring - just keep entertaining us sans pictures until you sort yourself out!

Honey Mim said...

Sailboat go down the hooolllllee. Dump truck go down the hooolllllee. Mem'ry card go down the hooolllllee.