04 January 2010

Chili: The Recipe

Special thanks to my dad who emailed me the recipe. Apparently I'm not losing my mind; there really isn't a set recipe that he follows either. This is for you, Tulsa Gentleman:

"I use Carroll Shelby's Texas Chili for the start. It comes in a box. Used to be in a sack. I use about 4-5 cans of tomato sauce. Less cans use more water, more cans use less water. Don't know the size of the crock pot. Anyway, brown ground beef - about a pound. Can use more or less depending on how meaty you want it. Then add all the ingredients from Shelby box except the masa flour (add that later) to the crock pot, add browned ground beef and tomato sauce. Also add a can of kidney beans after you rinse them. Then add a few glasses of water and stir to mix everything up. Then add some crushed red pepper, and cayenne pepper (this adds to what came in the Shelby box) if you want it spicier. Add sliced jalapenos about halfway thru the day and the masa flour to thicken. Stir occasionally thru-out the day. Enjoy with lots
of cheese and onions."

I also like to top mine with Fritos and sour cream, but that's because I'm a weenie compared to my family and need to kill some of the heat in order to eat it. I think when I finally get brave enough to make it myself, I'll add some onions to the ground beef while I'm browning it cause I only really like them cooked, not raw.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Actually that is not a lot different than the way I make it. He uses Shelby and I use Williams, He adds tomato juice and I generally use water, and he dumps in a big handful of toxic peppers. I have some pepper sauce that I add at the table because my wife doesn't like it real spicy.

Sunshine said...

You should taste it when he adds the Thai peppers in. It really is toxic then. My hubby won't even touch it, and he'll eat just about anything.