03 March 2010


Sorry about the lack of posts. Unfortunately it's going to continue until at least Sunday. Tax season has been kicking my bum at work (and we haven't even been that busy). That's been causing us to eat out an awful lot (which is not helping my eating healthier goal). I hope to have the time to actually cook somtime this weekend so that I can give you all a good recipe but no promises just yet (although, I do have a family get together on Sunday so maybe I'll bake something fun for my sister's going away party and get that posted).


Leedslass said...

Thanks for the update, I wondered where you were :-(

My verification word is "inabra" which I'm not yet cos I slept late!


Nurit "1 family. friendly. food." said...

Ugh indeed. I haven't started working on my taxes...
But I can tell you that we had take out about 2 weeeks ago, the first in about 7 years, and from a place we like, and I felt that the lousiest meal I could have made at home would have tasted better than that take out! Make a sandwich, or fry an egg, or toss some veggies together, a quick tuna salad... all these things take 15 minutes +/- to prepare and taste better, cost less, not hard to make.