16 September 2010

Soup Soup Soup and CSN Giveaway

I seriously need a new drop leaf table. Mine has seen better days. Between the cats scratching the top every time they got caught up there and the legs starting to get wobbly, I just can't take it anymore. I know where I'd like to get a new one. CSN!

Can I just go on for a few minutes about how much I love soup? I mean, seriously. Even if you don't want to make some Chicken Noodle from scratch, there are hundreds of cans available at the grocery store to choose from (I know, it's not really in line with the Food Revolution, but I can't help that the baby wants Campbell's Potato Broccoli Cheese Soup with Chicken). And it's that time of year when people won't look at you funny for eating soup or bringing leftovers to work for lunch.

Last night, I went over to my best friend's apartment for her amazing Broccoli Cheese soup. I'm not kidding when I say that it's better than Panera's. There are so many tiny little carrot sticks and so much broccoli that each bite is packed with good-for-you veg. One thing that could be improved upon is the cheese. She used Velveeta which melts much better than using real cheese, but it certainly isn't great for you. You could always substitute a can of cream of cheese soup (again, not great for you) or make a cheese sauce beforehand to add into the soup at the end. I can't guarantee how it will work, but melting cheese in boiled milk usually makes for a pretty smooth sauce.

I must say, Aloysius was very happy with the soup. I ate a big bowl along with two slices of sourdough bread with butter and was pleasantly full. Speaking of little Alo, would you like to know the cupcakes gender? It's a boy!!! I'll admit to hoping for a girl, but I'm quite happy with a little boy. Especially since he lets me eat soup! Enjoy the soup. I'm gonna make me a sandwich.

Broccoli Cheese Soup
Recipe by Anne (definitely check out her makeup blog)

3/4 cup chopped carrots (she used the precut, matchstick carrots)
3/4 cup broccoli (she used frozen florets, but fresh would work fine as would a blend of stalks with florets)
1 3/4 cups chicken broth
2 cups milk
1/4 cup all purpose flour
Paprika (dash or a little more, depending on taste preference)
Dash of salt
1 cup cheese
  1. In a large pot, combine veggies, broth, and water. Heat to boiling then reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes, or until veg are tender.
  2. Combine milk, flour, paprika, and salt. Stir into broth and veg and. Cook, stirring until thick and bubbly. Add cheese. Stir until melted.
If you've stuck with me to this point, congratulations! I'm hosting another giveaway. CSN is offering one reader a $35 gift certificate to be used on any of their websites. Unfortunately, this giveaway is open only to US residents since CSN does not ship internationally (hence why I did the last giveaway the way that I did). To enter please do the following:
  1. Pop on over to Anne's blog and welcome her to the blogging world.
  2. Come back here and leave a comment letting me know what a friendly person you are.
That's it! You have until Wednesday 22 September, cause that's my hubby's birthday. I'll use again to pick the winner. I know if it were me, I'd choose something this time from their great bistro sets!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Well at least you know what colours to decorate No.1 son's room. There's plenty of time to try for a daughter :-)


Beth said...

Love the soup recipe! Wish I could try out for the giveaway, but I live in Canada.

tami said...

Tried the soup, it was delicio, and i welcome Anne to the blog world.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

I love creamy soups. Congratulations on the boy. They cost less to raise. They shop less.

Megs said...

YUMMY SOUP! I need to try this, soon. I'm feeling a little stuck on soups already and soup season is just beginning. What a fun giveaway - I'd love to be entered! (and I welcomed Anne). :)

Walk like an Egypt-Mim said...

Looks sooooo yummy (except for the carrots)! I would kill for Panera right now. Miss you and can't wait to see a picture of the poopsmith!!!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Hey Mim, welcome back. Love your title - such a clever little Mimx:-)

Are you having a good time?

stephchows said...

the soup looks lovely! I hope your jam gets there soon! I know it had a long way to travel, but I'm sure it's worth the wait! Can't wait to hear about it!