07 September 2010

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Here are some pictures from my vacation. I had a blast and can only wish it lasted longer. Check back in tomorrow for my grandma's fudge recipe.

This is first stop on the way up into the mountains. In the very far background, just before the next set of mountains, you can see White Sands National Monument

This is the tunnel leading into Cloudcroft, NM, which is a cute little western style town that I love to visit

A very old train track bridge; people can now hike down to the actual tracks which of course, I still haven't done

Dad, his twin, Uncle Ants, Grandma, and my little cousin, Joshua

Six Guns and Shady Ladies; these actors were a blast to watch and touted gun safety; we happened to arrive in Cloudcroft just in time for their performance; they were great

White Sands National Monument; the sand is made of mica and gypsum; still one of my favorite places to go, you can sled down the dunes!

The mighty Yucca plant; these things are almost as prolific as the cacti, just not as painful to fall into

My dad photobombed me!

Grandma with her dog, Dakota; I told you I'd force her to write down that dang recipe!

Aunt Shawna, my dad's sister, my mom and dad, and Joshua along with Harley, the doberman


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Nice family. Nice trip.

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Lovely family pictures and glad you enjoyed your miniature holiday.