02 September 2010

Vacation Time!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I know I've been really lax around here, but life has been very crazy and stressful. I'll be leaving this evening to drive 12 hours with my parents to see my dad's mom in New Mexico for the holiday weekend.

A few months ago, she had had some really terrible news from her dr that got us all thinking. I ended up missing out on a family trip to Yellowstone this summer (one of Grandma's requests of my dad and his siblings) and didn't get to see her. So now, I'm taking advantage of the Labor Day weekend and going for a road trip. Of course, we'll be driving all night long to get there early Friday morning so no pictures or stops along the way (except for gas), but after, I'll have some awesome pictures to share with you of where my dad and I both grew up.

I'm also going to chain my grandma to the stove and force her to make me some fudge. I have to give you all at least one recipe. I'm only looking out for you. I remember calling and asking her for the recipe and for whatever reason she thought it came from the back of a Hershey's bag. I think Grandma might be crazy cause I never saw her read that recipe off of the back of anything. It always was written down on a yellow legal pad in her awesome handwriting (I'm gonna get her to write it down too so I always have a little piece of her).

One more thing, my next dr. visit is schedule for next Tuesday. I didn't tell you all about my last one because I was kind of sad. You see, the doc told me he'd be able to tell us the gender, but of course my baby took after me and didn't want to cooperate. This time around, I'm trying to just stay calm and serene and will hopefully have good news for you. Aloysius will hopefully finally reveal what's hidden between two tiny legs.

Have a great weekend! I look forward to sharing another recipe that I grew up with as well as pictures of the mountains and the dessert (White Sands, here I come!).


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Have a safe trip to see your Grandma. I guess she's thrilled to know you're carrying her great grandchild.

Jealous Mim said...

Give everyone a kiss for me! (Including Harley.) And roll round in the sand too.

Sunshine said...

Anne - Had a blast! Pictures should be going up tonight if I don't pass out after work.

Mim - Hugged and kissed everyone (including Harley, but I think I like Sadie best). I even lied down in the sand to get a picture of a yucca. No sand in any of my clothes though.