09 May 2010

Renaissance Faire 2010

I meant to post this sooner, but I have to be honest with you, hubby and I have been sick. His has been brought on by stress, and I'm pretty sure mine has been brought on by being slightly depressed. I'm not suicidal or anything. I've just been feeling blue (we all have those days, mine just seems like it's been a week of them). Anyway, I'm feeling better today and wanted to share my adventures with you from these past two Saturdays.

The Royal Family, Lady Grace with Lady Bailey, and our Hobbits

Every weekend in May, Muskogee, OK is transported back to the 16th century. Nestled off the main highway running through town is a castle that is home to the village of Castleton (I kid you not, that is what they call it). King Henry VIII and his sister, Queen Margaret, descend upon the little village along with their retinue, some pirates, gypsies, and other assorted inhabitants of 1539.

Seamus, Angus, and Pandora

From jousters to jesters, peasants to pirates, courtiers to chessplayers, there's something for everyone to enjoy. I'll admit, the food is never that great (at least any of the food I've tried), but you're really not going there for the food anyway so it all works out. For me, the shows are always the highlight of the day. I always end up missing something that I wanted to see when I first got there, but I also always end up seeing a show that I never planned on and ended up loving (dirty pirate shows are hysterical).

A wooing knight, Pirates, and a Dancing Bear

Need to take a break from the heat of the day? Why not try the Queen's Tea? For just a mere $8, you get an array of dainty finger foods along with a show that will make you think you're going to wet your pants from laughing so hard. How about a carriage ride through the village? Or maybe you would like to pet a Highland Cow? Are you under 12 years of age? Why not go ont he queen's quest to retrieve her lost ribbons? At the end of the day, you'll become a knight or lady of the court.

Carriage Ride and a Hairy Coo

We always make new friends when we go to the Faire. This year, my little group of friends got intitated into a group of bandits. Led by the infamous Sancho and his silent brother Pancho, the bandits required an oath and then a promise. With right heand held high, we had to yell out, "Bandits!" anytime we crossed paths with our new friends (of course this was after the two proposed marriage to my hubby's 15 year old sister, declared me their sister, and the hubby as their niece...they don't recognize men, only women).

Sancho y Pancho, the Spanish Bandits

I can't wait to go again. Maybe next year I'll become a volunteer and become a part of the 16th century for real.

Hubby's youngest sister after becoming a Lady


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

What a fun time "Ye Olde Merrie Tudor times". The finger buffet sounded good but I'm a total foodie. Not sure that's what Henry would have eaten though - more like half a cow or several peacocks.

Either you're covering well or you've got yourself through the bout of depression. Depression sucks. Take care.

Sunshine said...

Anne - Not covering at all. I feel much better this week. We had a blast, and I have at least 10 funny stories to share just from this past weekend with Chris's sisters. Also, I got the arrowroot yesterday. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

It is always to meet a fan of the bandits! Sancho looks forward to seeing you all again this festival year and hopes to have you all yell: "B A N D I T S!!!!"

Cathy West said...

This is a GREAT festival, so happy you could see that! And those bandit guys are awesome. Their leader's a pretty funny guy, too! I think he's fighting on the chessboard this year.