24 May 2009

Rennaisance Faire

I've been working on a post for something I'm making for my dad's birthday next Saturday, but since he reads my blog now, I didn't want to spoil the surprise. Instead I'm going to talk about the Ren Faire in Muskogee.

My sister and I decided to spend a couple hours out at the Castle. It's only about a half hour drive down the turnpike from me. It was beautiful outside with a chance of showers later in the afternoon (we got back to our car just in time too).

One of the great things about our Faire is how in character the workers are. We tried to walk into a gift shop and were stopped by two Scotsmen. "The queen's in there. We just need ta make sure ye donna have any weapons on ye." My sister and I exchanged glances, and being the doofus that I am I said, "Just my cell phone." Both kilted-men looked at me dumbfounded. "Wha..?" Of course! He's not supposed to know what a cell phone is. I'm in his world, not mine anymore. "Nope, no weapons." The big guy let us pass, eyeing us suspiciously. Sis looked around and whispered, "The queen's not in here." But just to the left was the queen, and thankfully she didn't hear her (they will put you in the stocks or make a fool of you in the jousting ring for such offenses).

Mostly we scoped out the Faire, looking at handmade weapons, period garb, beautiful jewelry (I got myself a very pretty ring). Really we were looking for food. Everyone knows that when you go to any kind of outdoor festival, you're really there to try all the fun food. Turkey legs, jugs of beer (literally, JUGS!), roasted corn on the cob! Just the smell is like Heaven! We each decided we were going to get walking tacos (hubbs is the turkey leg fan; neither of us care for dark meat).

Walking tacos are crushed Doritos with all the fixins of a normal taco on top. Lettuce, cheese, ground beef, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos. It had it all. They were decent, nothing to really write home about, but good. The strawberry lemonade on the other hand...WOW!!! It was just the right amount of sweet and bitter to quench our thirst (although we did try to get a second cup; they were out of strawberry though).

We stopped to watch the show put on by The Jolly Rogers. These guys are funny! The show is PG-13 (with the exception of one song that is labeled PG-31; don't ask, you have to see it for yourself). The show is bawdry and clever, the singing is really good, and the set is a pretty cool pirate ship.

Walking past the Celtic Quarter and the Gypsy Encampment, we came across the king himself, Henry VIII, escorted by a French knight and several other liveried gentlemen. The entire time we walked around, my sister kept saying under her breath to me, "Well I didn't vote for 'im." Needless to say, she was none too happy to come across her least favorite monarch (she didn't know that Henry and his daughter Elizabeth are the royal figure-heads for the Faire. Somehow I managed to get her to sneak a picture of him while the frenchie kept giving us curious looks as if to say, "What is that strange contraption you've got there?"

I wish we could have spent more than the two hours we got, but very dark clouds were rolling in pretty fast followed by increasingly more threatening thunderclaps. It's still open through tomorrow, so who knows. I may just make a second trip out this weekend.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. I hope you will be back as I try to post something every day. I will certainly be checking your blog often. It is nice to find another local blog and your food looks wonderful. If you look through my old posts you will see lots of pictures of food both at home and at favorite restaurants.

I gather that your hubby is serving overseas. You both have my respect and prayers. Keep the faith.

Nurit said...

Sounds like a fun day. What a special experience in this Faire. I think we might have something similar around here... I need to check it out. The kids will love it.

Sunshine said...

Tulsa Gentleman - I added your blog to my daily blog routine a couple of days ago when I started my own blog. I think you're one of the few Tulsans who still updates on a regular basis. I'm trying to update mine daily, but time gets away from me sometimes. The hubbs is overseas right now, third deployment for us. He actually called last night so I'm in a great mood today.

Nurit - Thanks for stopping by! The Faire is always an awesome experience here. My hubbs and I try to go every year at least once, and they always have great stuff for kids (I can't wait to have my own so I can take them to our's)!