12 December 2011

Where Did November Go?

Blogger has certainly been making me angry. I had a great post all set up for Thanksgiving where I was going to share my very secret and yummy recipe for sweet potatoes that I just made up this year, and now the post is gone. I didn't even realize it disappeared until I got on here to post something else. Add on top of Blogger hating me (or just deciding that sweet potatoes were too yummy to share), I just got a phone call from my cousin telling me that someone stole all of her kids' Christmas presents from the trunk of her car. Being a thief is bad enough, but to steal from little kids is just evil.

I feel physically sick about the whoel situation and didn't know where else to go to vent about it. Several years ago, I had a purse stolen. Luckily there was no money and I cancelled my bank card and one credit card, but I still felt beyond violated and hurt. Now I just feel downright angry. How does someone do that? Paul is five and adores Toy Story as well as his baby brother. Taylor just turned four on Saturday and likes to feed her baby dolls the same way she sees Mommy feed her baby brother. Ben is three months old and has the most charming little baby smile. It breaks my heart that those kids are going to wake up on Christmas morning wondering why Santa didn't visit them. It doesn't help that I feel guilty for calling Santa on Saturday in order to get them to help clean their rooms (the threat of no visit from Santa certainly helped them buck up real quick). Now it's going to look like even though they helped clean the house, it wasn't enough.

I truly just needed to vent where I knew no one would judge me for being so emotional over something like this. Thanks for listening (if you made it this far). I'll bring you something yummy later this week after the craziness of having dinner guests has passed.


Leedslass said...

It's dreadful what a v. small minority of people will do - and more so at this time of year. I don't know what to say to you, but simply thank God no one was harmed.
They still have each other and YOU of course.

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