09 November 2011

It's Been Too Long

Want to see what I was baking?

I never realized how much I would miss blogging until today. Nothing really happened that would cause me to feel this way. It just sort of clicked. I missed trying out new recipes to share with you all and reading your silly comments back and forth that sometimes had to do with the food but more often then not were just gentle ribbings to get me to post more. I do have a few explanations as to why I wasn't blogging, but please don't see these as excuses. They aren't.

Last time we talked, I was pregnant. Morning sickness and fatigue were dragging me down. Something had to give. For my own sanity, I dropped the ball on the blog. You weren't missing anything anyway. The sight of raw meat made me gag. I couldn't even eat cooked chicken if I had had the misfortune of seeing it before it hit the pan. The hubby and I ate a lot of fast food during those last few months. Then the baby came. And with a face like his, who could blame me for not wanting to sit a computer in the evenings to review a recipe? We also moved from our apartment to a house, but that's beside the point for now.

He is the most amazing thing I've ever "cooked" up. And the recipe is easy, assuming you have the time and energy to put into it. My sister lovingly calls him "The Poopsmith". It fits so well. He's almost nine months old and can crawl so he might be considered fast food, but I think good ol' Jamie Oliver would approve of this.

Recipe by Me

1 daddy
1 mommy
Lots of Patience
Even more Love

Mix all ingredients together. Wait nine months. Serve with a side of laughter and tears.

I promise the next recipe will be a real one and will hopefully be up by tomorrow (assuming I can figure otu something tasty with the ground beef that's defrosting).


laula said...

Beautiful Post. Brought tears to my eyes. Welcome back....

steph chows said...

OMG welcome back and huge congrats!!!

Leedslass said...

Welcome back - that's a fabulous post - well done you xxx

Baju Muslim said...

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