05 August 2010

Waiting for Autumn

No recipe today, but something just as exciting. I've got a review coming up for a product that I'll be receiving in the mail shortly that will hopefully make us all go on strike against this wretched heat. The great thing about the equipment I'll be receiving is that when I finally live in a bigger home, it will look just as pretty displayed on a hutch in my dining room as it will with something freshly baked cooling on a rack in my kitchen.

(Photo courtesy of CSN)

I am beyond excited and extremely humbled to have been contacted by a representative from CSN that I immediately jumped at the opportunity given to me. I've even found a way to make it worthwhile for you! But you'll just have to check back here in about a week to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

(Photo courtesy of CSN)

I've already got my eye on many more items that I will eventually fill my home with. And what makes all of this even better is that CSN has over 200 online stores to choose from, all with great sales going right now (hey, I love me a good sale). I so can't wait to share with you what's coming up, so stayed tuned!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Well, a blog that has me completely foxed - I haven't a clue what you're writing about so I'll just have to wait patiently for an explanation. CSN, for me, is an American broadcasting service but just what has broadcasting got to do with a dining suite?

Sunshine said...

Anne - New recipe tonight, I promise. And CSN is a network of online shops that have some really awesome stuff. But you'll get to hear more about that in about a week, I hope.