03 June 2009

Not Food

This is going to be short and sweet. Check out the link below to get yourself entered in a fantastic giveaway (even though I want to win this so desperately):

The Give-Away Diva

She is giving away a handmade apron from Boojiboo, and they are to die for! I ordered one yesterday, but there are still so many awesome designs left that I feel like I might just have to buy more.

I promise to have a recipe up either tonight or tomorrow evening (and it'll be sweets instead of dinner).


Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

isn't it such a great "coincidence" ... I will enter it ..; and if I win I'll give it to you :) :)

Sunshine said...

Sabine - You make me laugh so much! You do not have to give it to me if you win, but I appreciate the gesture. I cannont wait to get the cute apron I bought from your etsy shop though. I'm going to wear it first!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

you will have it soon as I shipped it today . I can' t wait for you to have it ... :)

ps : I said it : If I win , it is for you ... not kidding. you will just have to make me some good enchiladas when I could come visiting you :)

Anonymous said...

The aprons are beautiful! Which one did you get? Love, Aunt Laura

Sunshine said...

Sabine - You have got to be the coolest person on the internet! And if you come visit, I will make you enchiladas!

Aunt Laura - I bought the black one with big strawberries on it. I'll take a picture and post it. You should see the cool stuff I bought from my friend though. She's quite talented (I'll post that too).

laula said...

Great I look forward to it! did you see the ren pics on my fb?